FAQ: Portal: Turbocharged WiFi
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Which countries will Portal be able to operate in?

The US and Canada, followed by Europe. Portal is required to be certified for each country by their regional regulatory authorities. Last updated: Thu, May 12 2016 4:22 pm EDT

Do I need to update my client WiFi devices to work with Portal?

No. Portal works with all client devices 802.11/a/b/g/n/ac. Some older devices (802.11/a/b/g and some 802.11n) cannot take advantage of the additional spectrum that Portal provides with FastLanes™. However, Portal is still able to dynamically assign channels to these older devices to help reduce the congestion in the normal operational channels at 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Last updated: Tue, May 10 2016 3:08 pm EDT

Which mobile devices can I use to set up and manage my Portal?

The Portal App works with iOS 8 or higher and Android 5 or higher. Portal can also be managed by any web browser using a powerful, but less intuitive interface. Last updated: Tue, May 10 2016 3:39 pm EDT

How is Portal different from routers that are DFS masters?

DFS is Dynamic Frequency Selection. It’s the name of the capability that allows WiFi to share the airwaves with radar. Even the most expensive enterprise-class routers are only able to provide access to ONE channel that can be shared with radar. This channel is picked when the router is reset and never changes. If radar is detected, the traffic moves back to the crowded normal channels and stays there until the router is reset. Portal is able to provide access to ALL of the channels that can be shared with radar. Channels are monitored for WiFi and LTE traffic, as well as radar, and can move back and forth to avoid radar and interference whenever necessary. Last updated: Tue, May 10 2016 3:39 pm EDT

Is Portal able to track my Internet activity?

No. Portal does not have the capabilities to do this and is designed to protect your security and privacy. Portal only looks at the amount of traffic and congestion. It does not look at where packets are going or what they contain. Last updated: Tue, May 10 2016 3:39 pm EDT

Do you plan to provide information about my Internet usage to others?

No. Portal does not collect or send personal information or passwords over WiFi by Portal. When pairing with a smartphone or other mobile device, credentials and passwords are sent over Bluetooth with a very limited range. Last updated: Tue, May 10 2016 3:39 pm EDT

Does Portal replace my modem?

No. Portal needs an Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) connection to the Internet to operate. The modem provides the Ethernet connection from the broadband service that you have from your ISP. Last updated: Tue, May 10 2016 3:39 pm EDT

Can I use Portal with my current ISP?

Yes. Portal can be added by attaching to your modem’s Ethernet port (IEEE 802.3), or by adding it to the Ethernet ports on your existing WiFi router. Portal’s automatic configuration ensures that it plays nicely with your existing equipment. Last updated: Tue, May 10 2016 3:08 pm EDT

How does Guest Access work?

You never need to give out your network password, and your guests never need to remember it. Granting Guest Access is done using the Portal App, which uses Facebook credentials or email addresses. Guest Access is time and distance controlled, making it very secure. Whenever a device that has been granted Guest Access is within range of your network, Portal automatically creates a guest network with random SSID and credentials. This information is securely exchanged over Bluetooth. When the guest device leaves your network, Portal deletes the guest network and credentials. Last updated: Tue, May 10 2016 3:39 pm EDT

Where should I place my Portal?

For best results, Portal should be placed horizontally as close to the center of your home and as high as possible. This helps the 9 internal antennas avoid furniture that can reduce the propagation of the radio waves. Last updated: Tue, May 10 2016 3:39 pm EDT

Can I wire my Portals together?

Yes. Portal supports wireless and wired extensions and mesh topologies. If connecting Portals wirelessly, you should try to place them in line of sight with one another. Last updated: Tue, May 10 2016 3:39 pm EDT

How do I contact Portal support?

We are available at www.getportal.io and via email: support@getportal.io Last updated: Tue, May 10 2016 3:39 pm EDT

Does Portal take the place of the router provided by my cable internet provider?

Portal won't replace your FioS gateway, but it can add to it. You'll still need the FioS modem to access your TV/Internet/Phone services. Portal simply connects to one of your available ethernet ports and becomes an extension of your existing WiFi network. This is the simplest and fastest way to install Portal, and you'll still retain your old WiFi with it's SSID, etc... Portal will look like a new network with new SSID, etc... Alternatively you can disable your old WiFi and use Portal as your sole network; There are good internet forums and even some youtube videos that show you how to do this. Here's an old one for actiontec gateway and netgear router, but the concept is similar for any brand gateway and Portal:http://kb.netgear.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/23977/~/will-my-netgear-router-work-with-verizon-fios%3F Last updated: Thu, May 12 2016 4:22 pm EDT

Can you tell me more about how to mesh my WiFi with Portal?

It's always difficult to recommend a mesh solution without knowing more details about your environment. We've been conducting some field testing and will be releasing comparison information shortly that may help. Portal has exceptionally good range and coverage because of it's large antenna arrays and separate power amplifiers. We are seeing that a pair of Portals has been enough for all of our test cases, even where three of the other mesh solutions are needed. Our mesh will include Ethernet back haul, if you can run the cables (the best approach). But most people want a complete wireless solution. We use a layer 2 approach that helps minimize over the air communications. We recommend that you start with two Portals. You can add the third later if necessary. Last updated: Thu, May 12 2016 4:22 pm EDT

Does this support my bridge mode?

Let's say you have a dedicated router and it's been handling your traffic like a champ, but you just need Portal as an access point. Can Portal support this? Yes, it can. Last updated: Thu, May 12 2016 4:22 pm EDT

Does Portal have a wall mount/holes for wall mounting?

Portal contains two brackets on the bottom for easy wall mounting. The internal antenna arrays are engineered to work with either a horizontal or vertical alignment. Last updated: Thu, May 12 2016 4:22 pm EDT

Is Portal OpenWRT compatible or come with an SDK?

Portal is based on OpenWRT and we will offer an SDK for Portal, the Cloud controller, and iOS and Android apps development. Last updated: Thu, May 12 2016 4:22 pm EDT

Can Portal be used as an AP rather than a router and will it support VLAN tagging?

Portal can be configured as an AP and it does support VLAN tagging. To configure Portal for these features you will need to use the web browser interface. Last updated: Thu, May 12 2016 4:22 pm EDT

Is it possible to turn-off the cloud based features?

Yes, you can disable the cloud based features if you'd like; however you will lose many of Portal's advanced capabilities like SmartLanes predictive traffic avoidance, rolling code guest access, remote management, intrusion monitoring, etc. You will still get FastLanes DFS channels. And yes, you can still manually set up the router; we have a comprehensive webgui interface that you connect into from the ethernet port. In fact, you get the benefit of both; smartphone based easy-remote access plus manual webgui control when you want to go "old school"; it's your choice whenever you want. Last updated: Thu, May 12 2016 4:22 pm EDT

Shipping Updates

Current Estimated Shipping Date: August 2016

We will be shipping Portals in the order that we received pledges. Super early adopters, Limited Editions, Early adopters, and Adopters.

Last Updated At: 09/08/16 | See Kickstarter Update
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